E-Commerce: Taking Your Business to the Next Level


Trade has seriously blown up in recent years with the advent of e-commerce. And for good reason – it granted us the ability to shop without leaving the comfort of our own homes. All of a sudden, websites morphed into virtual stores. And there is more to a store than the space inside.

Understanding Consumers

What makes E-volvement different from other developers is we do two things better than anyone: understanding your business and understanding consumer behaviour. Both are equally important if you want a site that converts.

Our aim is not to merely make a website for you. Our aim is to help you develop your business. This means creating a smooth and truly unique experience for your customers.

E-commerce consumers who shop from brand sites are usually more savvy. If you want conversions, your site needs to knock it out of the park. We’re here to help you achieve just that!

E-volve Beyond Your Competition

Many customers come to us with their competitors in mind. “I want a site just like this one,” they exclaim with eyes full of passion and a heart full of hope. To which we usually reply – “Why do you want to be second best?”

E-volvement is not about copying your competitors. We’re about helping you stand out! Following in the competition’s footsteps means (by definition) you’re always a step behind. So let’s make them copy us, shall we?

WooCommerce Development

There is a reason WooCommerce is so popular – it simply works. And we make it work better! Using our originality and technical prowess, we can create a WooCommerce that sells your products like winter coats in December (unless you’re from Australia – then replace “winter coats” with “ice-cream”).

Share Your Story With the World

Telling your story is the last piece of the puzzle. Savvy consumers want to know what you’re all about you need to tell them in a memorable, distinct way. We can help you with that by creating copy so good, your competitors will ask you who you wrote it (“asking for a friend”).

The question is, are you ready to take your online store to the next level?