Back-end Development: Magic Behind the Scenes

Back-end development

What happens behind closed doors is just as important as what your clients see. You have a business to run – no time to pour countless hours trying to upload a new product in your store. Your hair simply cannot handle another buggy plugin or another error.


This is where we come in and make sure the back-end of your system runs smoother than a brand new convertible. And we put you in the driver’s seat!

Admin Panel

We care about giving you full control of your site. After all, it’s your site. You get a custom admin panel specifically tailored to you for improved security.

You’d be surprised at how difficult it can be to get administrative privileges from some developers. If you don’t have admin rights, you have no choice but to keep paying them.

We’re severely against this fairly common practice. We want you to keep working with us because you like us and our work. Not because we’re holding your site hostage.

Rest assured – you get full control of your site!

Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Once we’re done with the site, our web developers create module fields so you can easily manipulate elements on your site. Allow your inner creativity to shine through your administrative decisions while you add pictures, remove texts, change element positions, and much more with a few simple clicks.

Under Lock and Key

Getting your site hacked can set you back quite a lot. This is especially true for e-commerce web sites where your profits literally depend on the site. Taking your business into account, we provide special care to ensure the security is top notch.

Having everything custom built instead of using templates and plugins significantly improves security. We also set up Payment Gateways for additional ease of use without sacrificing safety.

Code Minifying and Optimization

E-volvement takes extra care when optimizing the code and loading speed of your website. Even the best website in the world will remain a ghost town if it loads with the speed of a wounded sloth.

We take extra care to optimize the code, compress the images, and make sure it all clicks together like Swiss clockwork. All you have to do to receive your quality website is to contact us below. Don’t be shy!