Copywriting & SEO: Giving Your Brand a Voice

Copywriting and SEO

This is the most entertaining copy you’ll read all day. No, really – we’ll give you 10% off our copywriting services if you find us something better.


Most copywriters are playing it safe. As a result, most “brands” sound like the same broken record. But yours won’t. We’ll tell you why – because you’ll get your own distinctive brand voice when you work with E-volvement.

Show, Don’t Tell! But Also Tell

We know, it sounds a little confusing. Let us explain – most copywriting agencies tell you something along the lines of “as a leading copywriting agency, we’ll provide you with excellent content that will maximize your offline and online reach”. We fell asleep writing that sentence.

What we do is tell you we’ll write the most badass copy on the face of the Earth. But we’ve also shown you that’s what we do. We stand behind our work. We go against the grain and we want to help you do the same. Not by playing it safe, but by showing your customers how awesome you actually are.

Distinct Style

As you’ve already gathered, we have a unique approach to copywriting. So what happens when we mix that unique approach with your brand? Magic, that’s what!

Writing killer copy is not just a job for us – it’s a way of life. And we extend the same passion to your business. When we take you on as a client, we want to see nothing other than your success. So let’s put your naysayers, your doubters, and your haters in the ground!

SEO: Lost and Found

When it comes to the copywriting family, SEO is like the creepy uncle. He’s weird, he constantly mumbles under his nose, and he’s done some shady stuff in the past. He’s still a part of the family though and no family dinner can go without him.

SEO is necessary if you want your customers to find you through search engines (which is how most people look for stuff these days). It’s not the quickest way to become the talk of the town, but once the wheels start turning, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And the entire copywriting team at E-volvement is well-versed in it. Another point for your success.

Rise Above the Competition

Let’s be honest – there’s only one thing your competition is good for – making you look good. Our awesome copywriting style can help you look even better. When it comes to our craft, we’re very competitive and we like to win. And we like to help you win, too.

E-volvement is all about reaching the top of the food chain. We want to help you get there and leave your competitors in the dust. We don’t settle and neither should you – the top is waiting! So what are you waiting for? Hire us before your competitors do.